Coffee Shop / Eatery / Crema

Coffee Shop / Eatery / Crema

A coffee shop fit out completed in 2021 in Lisburn

In 2021 we had the pleasure of designing and making furniture for a new coffee shop in Lisburn. The client already had what he was looking to achieve in his head but it was left to us to make it a reality.

As the client had already purchased a counter top we where left with making the steel frame work, routing channels into the top for his glass displays to fit in to. fitting the sink and cutting the top down to fit the frame work before finishing. We then sheeted the front of the counter ready for the client to concrete.

We then made a bespoke wire mesh display cabinet mounted to the rear of the counter with sliding doors and shelves to display products as well as attach menu boards when needed.
To keep the mesh theme going throughout the shop we also made 5 wall mounted planter boxes and made 2 moveable dividers that can be used for dividing of the shop when busy.

We then made and supplied 2 and 4 seated bistro tables and benches throughout with 2 low window bars, coffee table and a long communal table with 2 benches.