The A'Dam Desk (Oak)


Made with a  50 x 25mm steel frame to give it a little substance paired with a smoked solid oak top.  A simple yet functional design, this desk can be used to create a home office space for anyone working from home.


This can also double up as a small dining table, great for apartment or small living. 


Solid 1.5" Oak 

50 x 25mm fully welded steel box section. 


Dimensions: Length, Depth, Height (cms)


110cms x 60cms x 75cms

120cms x 60cms x 75cms 

130cms x 60cms x 75cms 

140cms x 60cms x 75cms 


Do you need a custom size to fit a smaller or bigger space, all desk's are made to order, get in touch for a custom quote! 

Adam Desk